How Dehydration Affects How Your Brain Functions

Throughout history, water, one of the four classical elements, has represented purity, life, renewal, and transformation. Although the symbology is romantic, it also speaks to scientific reality. Water is necessary for life on Earth; in fact, there are approximately 11 gallons of water in the adult body, making up an average of 57 to 65 percent of all body weight. This fact alone is enough to emphasize how essential this plentiful molecule is to the success of our species. Unfortunately, even though we know the importance of water and dislike feeling thirsty, it is estimated that over three-quarters of Americans are chronically dehydrated!

We at Midwest Neurology Associates specialize in the body’s neurological system and treat everything from headaches to back pain relief in and around Highland, IN. We want to inform our readers and patients about the dangers of dehydration and its effects on the brain and body, so they may combat this silent malady.

The Dehydrated Brain

Dehydration, which is when your body has lost a significant amount of water without replenishing, can lead to many issues in the human body, and most of them start with the brain. Watch the video below to learn more about how dehydration affects your brain and its functions.


Many of these symptoms are easily reversed by drinking water and avoiding the consumption of notorious dehydrants, such as alcohol and caffeine; but, when dehydration levels become more extreme, it can turn into a life-threatening issue, requiring prompt medical attention.

To ensure that you remain hydrated and that your brain is functioning as it should, you should try keeping to the “8X8 rule,” as in eight glasses of eight ounces of water every day (or about a half-gallon). However, every person is different, and the recommended amount can change based on body weight, climate, location, level of fitness, etc., so it’s best to contact the neurological professionals at Midwest Neurology Associates to determine how to maintain steady hydration and ideal brain function.

For more information about brain function and dehydration, or to schedule an appointment with the leading provider of MS treatments and back pain relief in Crown Point, IN, give us a call today!

Jenna Carlson

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