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MS Treatment in Northwest Indiana

If you’re suffering from the pain that comes along with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms, the medical experts at Midwest Neurology Associates are committed to providing comprehensive treatment options to patients. Since 2013, the founder, Dr. Kassar, has been dedicated to assembling a multi-specialty medical team by attracting and recruiting only the most talented physicians in specialties such as Pain Management, Massage Therapy and Infusion for MS Therapy. Each of the medical professionals acknowledges how chronic pain can impact one’s overall ability to move as well as dramatically affect their quality of life.

Pursuing the dependable pain management assistance available from Dr. Kassar and his experienced board-certified staff will allow patients to learn more about the origin of their pain and general discomfort. You can rest assured knowing that here at Midwest Neurology Associates, we’ll use innovative technology to investigate the underlying biological disorders in which the pain originates, such as behavioral, learning and developmental sources—rather than simply treating the symptoms. Whether someone with Multiple Sclerosis is in search of professionals experienced with administering nerve blocks, or a person with MS is looking for medical experts who provide patients with back pain relief — Midwest Neurology Associates will surely help anyone see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The board-certified staff at Midwest Neurology Associates have the pain management prowess to perform an accurate diagnosis and then, subsequently, implement a successful treatment plan. Multiple Sclerosis is known to cause a slew of different symptoms, such as vision loss, fatigue, impaired coordination, cramping, muscle weakness, stiffness, spasms, over reactive reflexes and general pain. Without a doubt, these symptoms cause individuals with MS to experience severe discomfort while performing the simplest of movements. Not only is their physical strength and capacity hindered, but their psyche and overall well-being are negatively impacted by the suffering they are forced to endure.

Luckily, our medical experts provide comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis treatment options to patients living near Dyer, IN. If chronic pain is stealing away your freedom and general ability to move, it’s time for you to contact us here at Midwest Neurology Associates. We won’t give up until we relieve your pain and see that you’re able to enjoy life the way it should be. You don’t have to suffer from the debilitating symptoms associated with MS. Leave it to our medical experts to investigate your pain and discomfort, diagnose it and implement an alleviating treatment plan.

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