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Back Pain Relief in Northwest Indiana

Individuals searching for medical experts specializing in back pain relief near Northwest Indiana need to look no further than the certified and dedicated staff at Midwest Neurology Associates. Our professionals completely recognize how chronic pain can limit movement and greatly affect the quality of life for those suffering with it.

When you seek pain management assistance from Dr. Kassar and his compassionate board-certified staff, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll utilize only the latest technologies to explore beyond the symptoms on the surface and contemplate any underlying biological disorders. From lower back pain to upper back pain, each one of the medical experts here at Midwest Neurology Associates have the necessary experience to diagnose particular neurological disorders and provide patients with exceptional care. By using the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic developments, patients can count on receiving an accurate diagnosis and successful back pain relief treatment.

With thorough training in pain management techniques and treatments, Dr. Kassar has assembled a skilled team to ensure that the delivered treatment is supported by significant experience in the medical field. Through prompt appointments, individualized treatments, detailed explanations and effective communication, we strive to provide each and every one of our patients with back pain relief. The central focus here at Midwest Neurology Associates is administering unsurpassed patient care and facilitating a comfortable, caring environment for patients. From the very start, our medical experts are committed to informing patients about their condition and inspiring them to overcome the obstacles on their road to recovery.

Midwest Neurology Associates has the go-to team of board-certified staff specializing in back pain relief. If chronic discomfort is beginning to chip away at your general freedom, then it’s time for our medical experts to step in and get to the root of it all. They won’t stop investigating the origin of the distress until you’re relieved of the debilitating symptoms. Instead of simply covering up the symptoms, our staff is driven to see you, once again, experience the advantages of moving without discomfort by identifying the source.

Contact the medical experts at Midwest Neurology Associates by calling 219-836-2096 or completing an informational contact form on our website today.

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