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Nerve Block Treatments in Lake County
We understand that every day individuals cope with pain and wonder if there will ever be relief to their discomfort. At Midwest Neurology Associates, we’ve dedicated ourselves to pain management, and our nerve block treatments are backed by years of experience as medical professionals.

There are many different types of chronic pain in the world and Midwest Neurology Associates, in Northwest Indiana, has experience in the pain management field fixing the majority of them. For individuals suffering with chronic migraines and/or facial pain, we offer comprehensive headache treatments. We treat far more than simply headaches—we offer comprehensive nerve block treatments for chronic, acute, and surgical pain to our patients throughout Indiana. 

Nerve blocks can be used throughout the body to minimize and reduce the severity of pain, which is why they are often used as migraine treatments. We offer Trigeminal nerve blocks for patients experiencing facial pain. We also provide these types of treatments for the eyelids, scalp, forehead, nose and palate, jaw, neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hands and even in the abdominal and pelvic regions. We understand that pain can happen anywhere, at any time, and we have the medical expertise to treat it without it becoming a burden that throws a patient’s life into turmoil.

Nerve blocks are effective solutions to eliminate or reduce pain in a certain region temporarily, especially for those in need of relief for back pain, or any other painful chronic condition. Different areas and severities of pain require different styles and doses of nerve blockers. Our powerful team has experience pinpointing pain at its source and then eliminating it with the latest and greatest medical techniques. If a patient residing in or around Dyer, IN is about to undergo a serious surgery, pre-emptive nerve blocking can be performed to temporarily eliminate pain after the surgery.

Board Certified Nerve Block Treatments in Dyer, IN

Our board certified staff works with our lead Neurologist, Dr. Samer Kassar, to provide the most modern and advanced pain management treatments for residents of Indiana. We proudly treat patients all throughout Northwest Indiana and surrounding communities.

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